Welcome to The Blushing Rose Blog!

I am so excited to share with you guys that the blog has a new name!


Finding a name for the blog, was very difficult and frustrating, as I didn’t want to just pick any name. I wanted a name that I would be proud of, a name that meant something to me.

So why the name change?
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Send help……we have officially entered the terrible tweens stage!

Most of you are probably familiar with what the terrible two’s are, but have y’all heard of the terrible tweens stage yet?


Today on the blog I share a bit of my terrible tweens experience. A lot of you might not know it, but I have a beautiful 10 year old daughter, who I feel like has gone from my cute little cupcake to this “mostly” moody, “glued to the cell phone screen” tween in a matter of seconds.(No really, l time has gone by so quickly!)
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Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Review and Giveaway


I received the Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color box dye in the shade Dark Auburn to review from Rubybox. I was very excited to test out this product, as it was definitely time for me to color my hair again.

I’ve always dyed my hair at home, usually I’d ask my sister to apply it for me, but this time I thought that I’d do it myself. When looking for a box dye, I always try to find a product that is easy-to-use, very affordable and provides good results.
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Cocoa Life……Making a difference one chocolate at a time.


Have you spotted the Cocoa Life logo on your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate yet? You’re probably thinking exactly what is #COCOALIFE?

I recently had a lovely lunch with my fellow #ECBloggers, where we had the opportunity to learn more about the New Global Partnership of Mondelēz SA and Cocoa Life from Yaa Peprah Amekudzi (the Country Lead of Mondelēz International Cocoa Life Programme in Ghana).
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Iwori Beauty Review


Last year at my very first #ECMeetUp(Read all about it here) we were spoilt with lots of fab goodies, one which I really loved was a beautiful Vanity filled with Iwori Beauty goodies. I had never heard of the brand before, and was scared to try out a new products on my face as I have very sensitive skin. But as I did more research of the brand, I knew I had to give it a try!

So what exactly is Iwori Beauty?
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Attending my first #ECMeetUp

At the #ECMeetUp with Yolandè from @sheer.empowderment

On Saturday, the 1st of December 2018, I attended my very first #ECMeetUp. The meet up is an event held by two eastern cape bloggers ,Luchae and Eleanor, for eastern cape bloggers to come together and basically an opportunity for us to build a relationship with fellow bloggers.

Yummy cookies from Candy Coated Caterers


I was very nervous about attending the event as I am not an established blogger and compared to the other bloggers I felt like I wasn’t up to their level. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how friendly and welcoming all the bloggers were, especially the two organisers of the event. It felt as if I was part of a community and we were here to help build each other, instead of being mean.
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New Vaseline Lip Therapy Range


Vaseline has always been one of the most trusted products that I basically use for almost any skincare related problems. From treating my dry skin to removing my make-up, it has a thousand uses and most importantly it doesn’t cost a fortune(value for money).

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Vaseline was launching their Lip Therapy range in South Africa, as I know what wonders Vaseline can do for our dry skin. The Lip Therapy range has 4 different flavours: Rosy Lips, Cocoa Butter, Original and Aloe. Vaseline states that this range has been formulated with triple-purified petroleum jelly that works to lock in moisture for an instant relief and long-lasting care that will leave you with beautifully moisturized and healthy lips.
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Pep Home Store haul for affordable beauty accessories

The other day while watching the IG story of Nelson Mandela Bay Beauty Exhibit, I was shocked to see what great and very affordable make-up accessories they picked up from Pep Home Store.

Yep,you heard right they bought it at Pep Home store. I never would’ve guessed that I’d ever go to buy make-up accessories from them. But I was highly surprised when I went to the shop. Initially I just wanted to buy the make-up organiser(which, by the way only costed R19,99! #Bargain), but when i got to the store i was amazed at the other awesome goodies they were selling. I browsed the entire store in search of more bargains(student on a budget here!), which I definitely got.

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Dove Hair Care Review Project


Hi Beauties
I was chosen by Beauty Bulletin and Dove to take part in the #DoveOneWashChallenge with my friends. We used the Dove products for a month, to see the difference it could make to our hair. We were each given the option to take products which will target our main hair concerns. We received a huge box filled with different Dove Hair Care products. The following products were in the box(together with a description of what each product can do for your hair):

· 250ml DOVE Oxygen Moisture Shampoo for fine hair needing volume in craves.

· 250ml Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner to achieve beautifully moisturized hair with more body and fullness.

· 250ml DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo which gives dull dry hair the nourishment it needs.
· 200ml DOVE Pure Care Dry Oil Treatment with African macadamia oil which will instantly replenish and add shine. continue reading